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Paredes de Coura

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Paredes de Coura has played a very important role in the reflection on veganism and its importance in environmental and animal welfare issues.
The Quinta das Águias – an animal sanctuary created by Ivone and Joep and home to over 130 animals rescued from slaughter and abandonment – in partnership with the Paredes de Coura Municipality, which has been organizing the Paredes de Coura Vegetarian Congress for 4 years, which every year is attended by activists, entrepreneurs, scientists and doctors who come together to talk, define concrete strategies for change and to discuss the impact of food on health, the environment and animal welfare.

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your meal will be more than a simple side dish

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It is also in Paredes de Coura that appears the Green Weekend, an event where we can hold several vegetarian food workshops and attend yoga classes, pilates, biodynamic breathing, etc. It is also important to stand out that a few months ago, the Paredes de Coura City Council announced the creation of a Bio Incubator to support entrepreneurs with business ideas based on indigenous, sustainable and vegan products. Paredes de Coura is not just made of a wonderful music festival. It is also made of love, progress and compassion.

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